Oct 19, 2007

anthropologie gets it

Have you seen the new "Project Needle and Thread" over at Anthropologie? It's such a visual feast - you must head over and have a look for yourselves!

anthropologie 1

anthropologie 2

I think we mavens of handmade have been making so much behind-the-scenes fashion noise that Anthropologie heard us. This collection is brimming with hand-stitched, hand-knit, and hand-appliqu├ęd details. It's overflowing with inspiration.

I just need to clarify a few things, here. I am no fashionista. Most of the time I frump about in a green, bleach-stained zip-up sweatshirt from Katmai Lodge in Alaska. It even sports a machine embroidered trout. Call me uber-frump, call me whatever you like - I live in rural Mexico. I would look SO ridiculous wearing the above sweaters around town down here.

But please do call me an Amelie Poulin wannabe. I've mentioned this before - my absolute love of all things Amelie. Haircut? Check. Soundtrack playing almost all the time? Check. French? Check. Red wine? Check. Cat named Amelie? Check. Like slipping my hand into a barrel of beans? Check. Really cute, shy personality? Not so much. Clothing? Working on it.

I think I'll go peruse the Anthropologie on-line mag once again ...

Have a great weekend!


Bethany Hissong said...

Meg, I wish I could buy you whatever you wanted!! You would look great in these (instead of the sweatshirt!)... I love anthropologie! And the fact that they value handsewn clothing just shows their genius.

nan said...

Your blog is a recent discovery for me - I adore it! Great inspiration both educational and crafty.

Anonymous said...


Found the Anthropologie catalog in the mail yesterday....so you in any venue!

Mom P.S. Wasn't that a great trip to the Katmai???

Kimberly said...

Meg I think you have the Amelie haircut down pretty good, eh?
I can't look at Anthropolgie - too tempting..now I look at Forever 21 - which is the dumbest name - and luckily I'm not walking into an actual store by that name, just looking online.
Good cotton tunics and babydoll tops.

sara said...

the simple-jumper dress seems so much "amelie look".
i love amelie too, i would dress myself and my baby girl like amelie, and go stroller in the "rue" of paris.
but, i live in turin, italy.
not so bad, at all.
i-adore-your-blog! you are a great creator, really, i am impressed by your fantasy!
and, of course, a great teacher...
in italy montessori's method is not so known and apllied.
btu, i studied maria and her methond during a course, and i love her inventive and her way to teach.i think she is very modern...
so, i try to apply some parts of the metod to grown my kids.
happy week to you!
sara fiordiviola

p.s. i hope you can undesrtand me, my english is sooo bad!

macati said...

oh I'm an amelie fan too!
love your blog!

macati said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Wooden Spool said...

I love these sweaters, too! SO MUCH! Wish we all had endless pocket books! We can always dream and browse, right!

I like to make stuff! said...

These are lovely, thanks for the link!x

janet clare said...

I have just watched Amelie on Friday night and thought it was wonderful! What a coincidence.
With you on the clothes too, but I am determined to change and to dress more creatively. Am going to start making my own clothes!

Adi said...

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