Sep 19, 2007

the hilarity of it all


This is me at three months old. I'm pretty sure I'm having a good laugh about the ugly, semi-shag 80's carpet in the background. Thank goodness children born nowadays will have their chubby little chin rolls remembered in a more artistic fashion. If the world were perfect, all children would have photographic portfolios to rival Heather's impeccable shots.

Thank you for all of your thoughtful and supportive responses to my last post. As I continue to dabble in motherhood and study up on child development for the 0-3 age range, I am boosted and validated by words of wisdom from all of you mama "experts" out there. I promise that, once I do become a mother, you will hear a lot about my musings on the whole motherhood/baby thing. But until then, I'll continue to offer you snippets of my life as I know it, which happens to be filled with a lot of 3-6 year-olds. And snot. Which is my #1 workplace hazard.

Joyful Abode recently tagged me with the 7 facts about yourself meme. Finally I get to write about the only thing I'm an expert at - being me. So here it goes -

1.) I've been a vegetarian-at-heart since I was about 5, when my brother told me where hot dogs came from. I was forced to eat a bit of chicken at the family dinner table until I left for college, but I often opted for the "chew-and-spit-it-out-later-onto-a-napkin" routine. I've been 100% vegetarian since 1999. Here's the weird part - I will, on occasion, fix myself a mustard and ketchup sandwich. My husband thinks I'm nutso. But who are you all kidding? Isn't the mustard and ketchup taste the reason why you opt for a hot dog in the first place?

2.) I ran the Canadian International Marathon in 2002. I finished in 3:44, two minutes short of qualifying for Boston. My dad, who ran in a gazillion marathons back in the day, flew out to cheer me on and accompanied me for the last six miles. Patrick, who was my boyfriend at the time, would graciously accompany me on bike for my training runs or, for the longer runs, would meet me along the way in the car with a banana and water refill. His philosophy on running? "Running is like carrots. I like carrots. I'll eat one, maybe two, but I'm not about to eat the whole darn crate-full. No marathons for me."

3.) My middle name is Danielle. My brother's names are Darby, Derek, and Daron. Thank goodness they named me Meghan. So I could be just like the other 18 Megans in the nursery at the time. This 80's Megan craze is why I go by Meg. And it is why I will do my best to avoid giving my children "popular" names. My years as Meghan A. will never be forgotten. (Just kidding, Mom. It wasn't that bad!)

4.) I don't like wearing shorts. I think they make me look shorter. I'm a skirt kind of gal in the summer.

5.) I have a secret desire to become Amelie. (That's the Amelie from the movie ... not my cat.) I saw the movie in France with my sweetheart when we were studying abroad. I sort of have the haircut. I listen to the soundtrack. I even love the name, hence my kitty. I would have named my daughter Amelie, but c'mon - Amelie McElwee? Doofy to the max.

6.) I've always had a thing for very smart boys. Dorky is better. Play the piano really well? Even better. Write really well? Good. And what were your SAT and GRE scores again? You would have thought this was my dating application form.

7.) Scorpion is my favorite yoga pose. And no, my back doesn't look as curvy as the one in that little video. Unlike Mr. Video, I still have all of my vertebrae.

Hope you've enjoyed this seven-fold sojourn into my wacky side. I tag anyone who wants to list 7 facts about themselves.


Bethany Hissong said...

You were an adorable 3 year old!!! And I am laughing about the snot comment! I'm so glad to have children who are old enough to blow their own noses!! I loved the movie Amelie too--I've been a francophile since I was around 7 or 8 and read "Eloise Goes to Paris"! I love bobs--hers is great! And my list of "perfect husband candidates" was pretty close to yours! I didn't get the piano player though, but he tells me "the tuba is a beautiful instrument!" HA! (He played french horn and trumpet too) And sports...not a geek,... I was almost scared at first of his good looks! Oh, and you are awesome that you could run that marathon!!! (you're my idol now!)

Joyful Abode said...

Yay! You did it. :) Happiness ensues.

I totally hear you on the number 4 thing. My name is Emily, just like every other child in the world... seriouly, Emily has been in the top 10 baby names for girls in the US for the last 20+ years, and it's been number 1 for many years on end.

I wish I had started going by my middle name when I was a kid. I want to now, but it would be pretty confusing since everyone I know knows me as Emily. bah!

Tara said...

I could've written #6 myself. ;) I dig smart guys.

The meek won't inherit the earth, the nerds will. ;)

Anonymous said...

What a cute baby you were!

Thanks for your sweet post on my birth blog (which is sorely out of date)--I'm much better about updating Plentitude.

Don't worry about thinking about all these things now! If all moms-to-be had these details all worked out BEFORE having their babies, then there would be many children as lucky as yours are surely destined to be. :) Most of us figure it out on #2 instead.

I'm a shoulderstand gal myself. ;)

Shandy said...

What a cutie! Giggles and ruffles. Darling! I am so a skirt girl. I have a million and I'm always looking for the perfect tops. I tried out the whole long short thing that has hit the nation but I ended up taking them back...

patti said...

I am training for the marine corp marathon right now, and my hubby will ride his bike out to meet me with fresh water bottles and sport beans too.

kneek said...

I made ketchup and mustard sandwiches too when I was in college. Sometimes I would put in a piece of processed cheese slice that I knicked from my roommates (since I wouldn't buy the stuff but the trio reminded me of a McDonald's cheeseburger without the cardboard meat). When I'm sick, this is still the comfort food I crave!

jessica said...

you can do scorpion!! you a one cool girl, miss montessori by hand!

jessica said...

oh, hasty typing never pays off--

you ARE one cool girl!


The Wooden Spool said...

What a cutie you were at 3 months! :) I loved your write up!

Diana said...

I don't know you too much but you are probably better than Amelie!

MLW said...

I love your blog. I found it from Sew mama Sew, and am so glad I did.
I fell in love with Amelie after living in Caen, France, and seeing it upon return to the states.
(Il Dors Dans les Chauffleurs...)
The last time we went to Paris, we did the Amelie tour- just a walking tour to the real bar where they filmed the deux moulins scenes, the frut stand "maison collignon" in Montmartre where they left up the sign from the filming, the metro stations where she took the blind man, and abesses- my very favorite metro station in Paris... of course this was all before we had our little baby Henry (Henri) and had to put the Amelie travel pans on hold...
Anyway, I love to find someone who loves that movie as much as I do.
Thanks for a smile and a wonderful jog to my memory from your post.