Sep 20, 2007

rustic holiday stockings


Like many of you, I've been coaxed back to the knitting needles due to the ever-so-slight evening chill. This pattern, designed by Kristin Nicholas, can be found in Interweave Knit's Winter 2006 mag.

Rustic Holiday Stocking embroidered tree

These are some monumental socks. The tree stocking is the first thing I've ever made for Mr. Montessori By Hand. Although somewhere, buried under who-knows-what, is an unfinished scarf intended for my sweet. Maybe one day ...

This is also the first holiday decor project (of what I hope will be many) that I have made for us. One day I would like to boast of completely handmade holidays in our house. I feel the best way to go about this is to make things little by little, with no rush or pressure. It's better to have sparse-yet-meaningful holiday decor at first than to purchase items simply to up the festive ambiance.

We still haven't had to start a fire in our wood stove, but our neighbors say that the first frost comes sometime in mid-September. I'm reveling in the last few weeks of lounging around my house without three layers of clothing and a winter coat. Remember my earlier posts? Yes, those are my arms covered by a wool sweater and a wool coat. Inside my house. With a fire lit. Egads!


Bethany Hissong said...

At first I thought you JUST knitted those and I was going to fall over in disbelief!! You're right about taking your time... I think you appreciate things more that way. All of our Christmas things were in storage last holiday and we ended up getting a little tree and making all of our ornaments, which turned out to be so much fun dispite the circumstances! I can do without the "designer" holiday look...give me handmade anyday!!!

Amy Lu said...

I love these stockings! I am going to have to dig out my back-issues of IK....

Home-made Christmases are the best! I went crazy right after we were married and bought a ton of decorations for the holidays and totally decked out the house. Slowly but surely over the years things have become broken or lost and then replaced with Hand-Made items.

And now- Christmas has become more meaningful, warm and fun! The memories! The careful respect of precious things!

Oh my, now I'm wishing it would snow! At least I can dig out my own in-progress Christmas Stockings!

amy said...

Those stockings are fabulous!

Anonymous said...

The socks are brilliant! Your right about cooler nights and knitting, its some how comforting to curl up with a ball of wool.

Wendy said...

Those are the awesome-ist stockings I've ever seen. Really and truly!

One of these days I plan to do a post about all our homemade Christmas ornaments. I'll let you know when it's up (if I can remember a month from now).

I also wanted to tell you that I nominated you for the 'Nice Matters' award (My Favorite Nice Blogs)

If you're interested in passing it along, you can stop by my site for the particulars.

Hope you have a great day