Jan 24, 2007

Underlays are underrated

Underlays have many, many uses. And after you make some of these, you're sure to find more excuses to use them in the classroom. Here are a few ideas ...

*writing on a table, of course
*math work
*one for you so you can record your observations on your lap
*a stash for children to take outside while they write poems, work, etc.
*metal insets

I am so enamored with these that I think I might make smaller variations into coasters for a friend's birthday.


book board of various sizes - 14cm x 14cm is the standard for the metal insets. (I think it's called book board in English. I could be wrong. My bet is that you can find it at Michael's. What I used is a pressed cardboard, several millimeters thick and unbendable. Perhaps mat board would work as well. The important factor is that the surface is smooth. I'm lucky ... the husband of the head of my school is a carpenter and quickly cut these to size for me.)

contact paper
exacto knife
glue stick
photos from magazines

Using an exacto knife, cut a photo from a magazine. I used National Geographics. Make sure no particles remain on the board by wiping it off with a clean rag. Then apply glue to one side of the board.

Place the photo on the glued side. Carefully smooth, beginning from the center and working your way to the outer edges.
Cut a piece of contact paper, leaving about 1.5" of border around the board. Apply contact, smoothing from the center out.
Cut each of the four corners at an angle.
Press the remaining contact onto the back of the board.Place a small piece of contact paper on the part of board that remains exposed. You're done!

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This is awesome. Thanks!