Sep 9, 2007

recreational entomology and other news

tap dancing moth 2

First off in today's news, a tap dancing moth has been spotted through an (embarrassingly) dirty window. "The moth continued its little jig for several glorious minutes," stated a big, fat cat who was located on the other side of the window. To which a little cat responded, "I didn't know that you knew what 'glorious' meant. I'm flabbergasted."

tobacco hornworm 2

Also in entomology, the Tobacco Hornworm, a notoriously gluttonous grub, has made an appearance in Creel, Mexico. While wooing young children and their teacher with its flashy, green garb and extreme obesity, the Tobacco Hornworm surreptitiously and single-handedly destroyed a potato plant.

And in crafting news ...

Superbuzzy is having a sale! 20-40 % off awesome Japanese prints, including canvas for your reading pillows!

Amanda of Soulemama has launched her new website, which features excerpts of her book, The Creative Family, which is coming out in March.

Karla, a good friend and fellow Montessori teacher, has published an excellent tutorial for a wallet-sized fold-up fabric shopping bag on Whip Up.

And if you hadn't already heard, My Half of the Brain is a blog that collects crafting tutorials from all over cyberspace and directs you to them. Brilliant! Be sure to add it to your reader.

Finally, in blogging news, yours truly has given her blog a much needed make-over.

"I was feeling frumpy," stated Miss Montessori By Hand. "And I was feeling frustrated that none of the medium-sized flickr photos fit me. I just wasn't wide enough."

After listening to Miss Hand's needs, yours truly fiddled with her HTML code, gave her a new banner, and added a google site search bar so that Miss Hand's visitors can easily find what they are looking for.

"I feel like a new blog!" beamed Miss Hand.


melissa said...

you look FABulous, dear!

Gift of Green said...

That's a bug? I thought it was a bat!

Poppy & Mei said...

That moth is AMAZING!

Bethany Hissong said...

you are amazing...html is so over-my-head! Thanks for the other link info too! And...yuck...that moth looks like a horror movie photo!

Marcy said...

Love the new header!

We saw a big green caterpillar/worm/thingie guy like that in my friend's yard last week in California, she said it was a type that ate tomato plants more specifically. The thing was HUGE, about the size of my thumb. It was pretty cool to see. =P

Wendy said...

I think we would all be grateful if someone were to post the secret about how to widen our columns to fit our medium sized pictures from Flickr.

Mine keep getting cut off, but I never noticed it until you mentioned it here. That's how well I pay attention to things.

Meg McElwee said...

yeah, isn't that moth weird? It does look pretty batty!

Wendy - Here's how to widen your blogger template. Mine is "Minima."

Go to Layout - Template - Edit HTML.

First off - change your header-wrapper. Here's what my code looks like now. Yours is most likely set to 600 something wide.

#header-wrapper {
margin:0 auto 10px;

Then change the header-description to a similar width:

#header .description {
margin:0 5px 5px;
padding:0 20px 15px;

Most importantly, change your outer wrapper. This dictates the total width of your "writable" blog. Again, here's what mine looks like now:

/* Outer-Wrapper
----------------------------------------------- */
#outer-wrapper {
width: 804px;
margin:0 auto;
font: $bodyfont;

Next, increase your main-wrapper width to 510 to accommodate the medium-sized flickr photos:

#main-wrapper {
width: 510px;

Finally, you might want to fiddle with your sidebar-wrapper width. Here's what mine's set at:

#sidebar-wrapper {
width: 220px;

That's all! It's really pretty easy. It's just a matter of finding the above text in the HTML and changing the width.

Good luck!

Wendy said...

Thank you so much! I've got it widened, but now I need to recrop my banner. That, I know how to do.

So cool, though.

Oh yah, and I love your bug pictures. That moth is awesome!