May 21, 2007

You never know exactly what we want

My husband grew up in an Irish-American household. Whenever any of his relatives from Ireland visited, he was always perplexed by their habits. Apparently, whenever offered anything, especially food, they vehemently refused. After several attempts at serving them, the food was finally plopped on their plates and they went about eating it voraciously!

Yesterday he made me laugh by saying that "Montessori teachers are like Irish house guests. You never know exactly what they want." He then continued, "I never know when to throw something away ... now I always have to think ... could this be made into something useful for the classroom?"

Good boy. It is true that we Montessorians have a penchant for jumping up and down at the sight of some seemingly useless object. For example, today I just about shrieked with giddy-ness when I saw these treble clef, wrought iron napkin holders at the tiny general store in Creel.

I bought three! Lord knows I have a ton of music materials to display on my shelves.

The Montessori Mantra:

small pitchers
and cards,
Oh My!


Anonymous said...

My husband calls this the "Montessori invation". The worst is getting tired of keeping so many "good to have" things, give them away and needing them the very next day.
An inspirational blog!!

montessori_lori said...

This it totally true! Thrift stores, garage sales, dollar stores - if there's a tiny pitcher, cute basket, or pretty tray, I'll buy it!

The hardest part is figuring out where to put it all...

Amy in Beijing said...

I often say to my husband " will give you a lesson" Love your blog all the way in Beijing, China where I did work as a Montessori nursery teacher - big switch from 8 years in lower el!