May 23, 2007

Geometry cabinet photo matching

right-angled scalene triangle




My wonderful head of school, Adriana, recently put together a set of photo matching cards for the geometry cabinet. The idea is to have several photos of each geometric figure in the cabinet, so you can rotate them to keep it challenging. On a large rug, lay out the cards right-side down, with enough space beneath each row to accommodate the inset. Turn over the first card and go find the corresponding inset in the cabinet. Easy peasy. (Giving the presentation, at least!)

Along with the photos compiled by Adriana, I have been searching high and low on my favorite stock photo site and Flickr. I have made available to you all of the photo files I have found thus far. (Click on blue "view my files" button in the side bar. They are in folders "Geometry Cabinet Matching Cards and Geo cab photos.) Consider it a base set ... I plan on adding to it whenever I see a nonagon, more decagons, etc. Another suggestion is to cut out photos from magazines when you happen upon that cherished nonagon!

Hope you and your children enjoy!



Marcy said...

What a great way to link the material with the environment... I always loved it when the kids made discoveries like that the shape of the space between their cup, and 2 other friend's cups, on the lunch table made a triangle! =)

Mary Willis said...

lovely, lovely, thanks for making them available.

Adi said...

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