May 20, 2007

The Song Part 3 - Doña Cigueña

Last weekend I was traveling, and yesterday I was, well, I guess I just forgot! So here you have it ... another song to sing with your children. The audio file is available in the side bar - just click once on the title to listen.

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Doña Cigueña, pico colorado,
una patita se ha quebrado.
Por eso camino con mucho cuidado,
un pie al suelo y el otro levantado.

Madame Stork, colorful beak,
she has broken a leg.
She follows this path with much care,
one foot on the ground and the other raised.

Obviously the translation is not so catchy. This song is an "active" one. I call on a child, and then begin singing the song. While I'm singing, the child hops on one foot behind the children seated in a circle, and when the song is finished, he returns to his spot. I usually call on three or so children in one sitting, then move on to the next song. This way, they know that not everyone will get a turn. Although the song is cute, I can't imagine repeating it upwards of twenty times!

By the way, it would be prudent to have a grace and courtesy lesson on how to hop on one foot around the group! This is a fun lesson to give.

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