Mar 17, 2007

Notes on Fabric

My fabric collection is growing, which means that I have to shrink it by making some more aprons and such. I thought I'd pass along some fabric tips, along with this cheery photo of my laundry line.

1.) Buy your fabric online from Craft Connection. On their website, all of their fabrics are organized by theme, be it transportation, animals, food, or color. Prices are very reasonable, more so than going to Joann's Fabrics or Hancock's, and you save a lot of time.
2.) For a basic child's apron for the Children's House, you will need to order one fat quarter if you line the backside of the apron with muslin or other coordinating cotton. If you will be making a matching mat, order 1/2 total of the fabric. For a set of two reading classification pouches, order 1/2 yard. In short, 1/2 yard should cover you no matter what.
3.) MAKE SURE YOU WASH THE FABRIC BEFORE YOU SEW! This removes the sizing and allows the fabric to shrink. If you don't, you could end up with a bunchy, ugly apron after the first washing. I've made this mistake before. (If you are making language material, this isn't necessary because the pouches won't be washed, especially if you make this version with a cardboard insert.)