Mar 15, 2007

The Name Game

Reading Classification with a twist ...
I've been writing the names of the children on small pieces of paper like I would do for any other "labeling the environment" exercise. However, it's always a bit of a pain ... where to the children put those little pieces of precious paper? In a pocket to get crumpled and forgotten? On the table where it could fall on the floor? Here's the solution, an idea from my head of school, Adriana de la Vega.

I wrote out the name of every child (and teacher) in the environment, laminated them with my Xyron 900, punched a whole in the top, and threaded and tied a thin ribbon to each label. Now, instead of the labels getting lost or forgotten, the child places her name around her neck until the reading child is finished with the work.

This requires a grace and courtesy lesson on how to ask the receiving child if she wishes to wear her name around her neck, and how to gently place the necklace over the head. It's also a wonderful way to introduce capital letters and to expose the non-reading child to meaningful text. I've heard many "My name begins with 'm,' or "Look, Sofia's name has an 'a' in it, too!"

I suggest wrapping the ribbon around the name and tucking it in for secure storage. This is part of the presentation.

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