Mar 18, 2007

Big News - Music and Photo files available!!!

Over the years, I have collected quite a number of songs from around the world. Those of you who I trained with know that I put together a preliminary set of music organized by continent intended for use much like the continent photo folders. This preliminary set has grown to include music from Oceania, children's music from around the world, and many more songs that are representative of their continent. Today, I am so excited to announce that these music files are now available for you to download here at! The sets are sufficient for you to compile one to two mix CD's to place in the classroom. Right now, my CD's are displayed in the shown fabric "case," classified by the continent color and an appliqu├ęd cutout of the continent. Within the next few weeks I will put together a tutorial on how to make a similar case for your set.
My students LOVE this work, and it really enriches the study of geography. Soon, they come to hum the songs on their own ... songs that they would have never been exposed to before. Here in Mexico, the children love the songs from Asia and the Middle East. And unlike photos or objects from other countries, songs become the child's OWN, to take with him and recall at any time. Before you know it, a song that at one time seemed different and strange becomes normal and part of one's self. How wonderful would it be for the children of the world to absorb and appreciate each other's music from a tender age, so they are no longer so "different?" And, as we know, it is much easier to hate or declare war on a people we don't know or understand. Music is one important step to understanding other cultures.

In addition, I have posted photos for classified card sets at Most of the fruit photos I took myself, while the majority of the vegetables are photos that I downloaded from this free stock photo website. I am also compiling photos to go with the Land and Water Forms Definitions Stages that Karla uploaded to the Montessori By Hand Yahoo group. I also have plans to upload photos for transportation cards and musical instruments when I have the chance. Keep checking back!

Anyone can access and download these files ... you don't need to be a member of the Yahoo group. A permanent link is provided to the right in the sidebar. Once at, scroll over the file icon and click on the plus sign, which gives you the option to download. You DO NOT need to sign up on, in fact, I suggest you don't ... you would need to pay $10.

Please let me know what you think, and if you have any suggestions!

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michelle c said...

Hello. I am a music specialist at a Montessori school my children attend in Utah. I want to thank you for sharing your ideas. You have such great ideas for making learning interesting and fun. You have inspired me with your ideas. Thank you very much!