Mar 13, 2007

Beautifying the Snack Table

My friend, Genoveva, the mother of one of my students, just finished making me this incredibly beautiful, hand-appliquéd, snack table set. The characters are native Tarahumara people engaged in traditional games and daily chores, with the exception with this girl, who is wearing a piece of the fabric from which my nawa, or traditional Tarahumara dress, was made. This lady also happens to be holding a kitten, with another fat cat at her side. (Homage to my two masters, says Genoveva.)

Here it is stretched out - I didn't have a child-size table in my house to show the proper set up.
The detail work is unbelievable. The girls even have cute underwear and belly buttons under their big skirts. Of course the pics don't it justice. I don't believe that you can see the beaded necklaces and the detail of their sandals.The set came with four placemats, complete with appliquéd Tarahumara men in traditional costume.
Also, she threw in some hand-embroidered napkins with hand-carved napkin rings. Wow.

We can even add cultural interest and beauty to the environment through the snack table! Anyone else have a pretty set up?

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