Apr 2, 2008

it's an aprony april thus far

Amos and Adelaide's Children's Aprons

I think I've gotten myself tangled up in some hard-to-meet expectations. Ever since test-running this new chef's get-up in my classroom, all they can say is "Are we going to have a chef's outfit for baking cookies? And one for baking bread? And one for preparing snack? And one for making granola? And one for cracking nuts? And one for making tortillas?" One child wanted to do his math work in the chef's costume. Hey... now that's a good idea. It might add a bit of pizazz to tax preparation process.

Amos and Adelaide's children's aprons

A few of you might recognize this apron from the earlier version that I sold briefly as a PDF pattern. It's been jazzed up with an appliquéd kangaroo pocket and will be available in various sizes. A smock-style child's apron will also be part of the same pattern - I'll post some pictures of it in a few days' time.

Things are getting done here, but why does it seem like the "getting done" occurs at the speed of poured molasses, while the passage of days happens at the speed of light? I must be getting older. I'm reminded of this every time a child says to me something along these lines:

Meg, do you remember when, a long, long, time ago ... when I was REALLY little, and we made ornaments to put on our Christmas trees?

Why, yes. For me it seems like last week that we were making holiday decorations in the classroom. Oh boy. I know what this means. Measuring time as I perceive it, we will be moving back to the US in a little less than a week.

Holy Crimeny! I'd better get to packing!


Bridget said...

I keep checking your shop to see if you have the children's smock pattern up... I remember you saying it would be available. I can't wait! Will the pattern include the hat? I have two little ones that will LOVE that!

Anonymous said...

My Grandmother says,"When you're young the days are short and the years are long. When you're old the days are long and the years are short."

I'm getting older and its frightening how well this quote sums it up!

Melody said...

My kids would completely LOVE the apron & hat. Darn, now I have yet another pattern to add to my Meg shopping list! :-)

Megan said...

I can't wait until that pattern is available! I have a 5 year old about to "graduate" from a Montessori classroom and those would be a perfect thank-you gift to leave for the friends he's made. Along with the messenger bag and apron for his teachers... :)

Kristin said...

Oh i just love the chef's outfit! :) I can see precisely why math homework would seem so much more exciting in it! :) And why not? ;)


Jamie said...

Oooo I LOVE the apron & hat and am very excited to buy the pattern!!!

comidademama said...

I love your apron and I would ask if I can publish one of your photo on my Italian food blog to show how beautifull they are and to let know anybody who love this kind of things that they can find out gorgeous patterns

I'd love to use the red apron on this link
if it is ok for you just drop a line

village mama said...

fantastically fun!

j said...

Ooh, will there be a hat pattern as well? My kiddo is always asking for a chef's hat.

Em said...

You're moving in a week???? Whoa! I love that apron and hat! The apron looks like it's got an elasticized neck - so smart!!!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet outfit! Your students obviously love it.

val said...

are you planning on selling this as a pattern set? If so, count me in!

Teaching Handwork said...

wow you must have such a long waiting list to get into your class...the kids must adore it all!!!!! Keep up the good work!

SagePixie said...

& HAT! & HAT! &HAT!

I really LOVE the HAT!

Please include the HAT!

Thanks Oodles!

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