Dec 7, 2007

loving those latkes

hanukkah - grating potatoes for latkes

As part of my effort to diversify the winter holiday experience for my children, today we prepared and enjoyed latkes, lit a "menorah", and learned a few traditional Jewish songs.

hanukkah - preparing the latkes

Latkes are very simple to make. Check out this site for recipe ideas.

hanukkah - lighting the "menorah"

Here's the lot of them not noticing that I'm taking their picture. ;) For the menorah, I used what I had available - eight tea lights.

Speaking of holiday traditions, the Holiday Traditions Exchange shipping deadline is this coming Monday! Also, don't forget to share any photos of swap packages (both sent and received) by uploading them to the flickr group.

Here's to a lovely (and productive?) weekend! Wish me luck as I do the layout for the new patterns!


Natalie said...

Monday! Where does the time go?! I do not have Flikr, or it doesn't have me, but I will share lots and lots on my blog... I hope that is okay.
Your students look so industrious and sweet.
Good luck with your patterns... I would love to try my hand at making that apron. I just love it.

Katie said...

beautiful picture. you do such a great job with those kids, they are so lucky to have you in their lives. I am sure you feel the same about them!

Nicki said...

Beautiful. I love your photos but the Montessori ones are my favourites.
Good luck with the patterns...i am giddy with excitement!

Violette Crumble said...

I love reading what you've done in school with the kids. So inspiring!

Please drop me a line and let me know what kind of chocolate to mail you. I was going to send you some semi-sweet and bittersweet to bake with but I paused because I'm not sure what you might like the most.

Can't wait to see everyone's ornaments/ traditions. Mine go out at the last minute of course.

Amy said...

I found your site through another blog. I just loved the paper clip ice skates. My Mom made some of those years and years ago before I was born and they were on our tree every year. I forgot about them till I saw your picture. I'm thinking I need to make some with my kids this year.

Montessori Mama said...

Hi Meg,
Montessori Mama aka Jennifer here. Just wondering have you seen my recent post about introducing the various festivals of light to a Montessori class? I absolutely love your photos and long to be a child in your classroom! Thank you for your blog, for the inspiration and for sharing of your self with others. I can't wait to make latkes with my kiddos. We might make some applesauce to go with them...see how you inspire!
Thanks--in peace

The Wooden Spool said...

What precious wee faces! Aren't little ones so fun to cook with and make things with.....when we are young, everything is a "first" and what a treat to be the one to introduce them to LIFE! You are doing a wonderful job, Meg!

Berlin said...

Such a cute picture with all the kids...
I'm wishing you a belated "good luck" on the order get one!

Bonnie said...

I am thrilled to see you sharing the Hanukkah holiday experience with your children. It is a lovely holiday and the latkes don't hurt.

To change things up this year I added banana fritters to fried food menu.