Aug 15, 2007

prediction: ript will rock our worlds

I've been twitter pated with Bella Dia's inspiration collages for quite a while now, but I lack magazines. As much as I would love a subscription to Marie Claire Idees, I'm quite sure that the little French mag would get quite pouty at the prospect of crossing the Atlantic only to be strapped to a donkey for the last leg of its journey. C'est la vie.

Mais non! My life no longer has to be inspiration collage-less. CHECK THIS OUT! My cousin Luke just wrote a program that allows you to take any image on the web or your computer and digitally paste it onto a magazine collage!

It's called Ript. Click here to download the beta version. Read through "Quick start" to find out how easy it is to use. Even I could figure it out without Patrick, the resident computer know-it-all. I'm already seeing so many possibilities for this program - making inspiration pages for my own reference is the big one.

How cool is that?


Amy said...

Oh how great! So many things online inspire me...what fun to group them together into a collage!

Nicki said...

Fabulous, thanks for sharing!

Bethany Hissong said...

very cool!

Lindart said...

I have been playing with this for an hour now!! Very cool! What a great way to make collage pages for the classroom, for events, or just month by month, which I think I will do, and let the children see the year progress in a little album in the library! Also - what a great way to make a calendar as a fundraising! I have already made a page for my mother, and my daughter, and for me -of Johnny Depp!! Thank you for sharing this!

elleryolivia said...

Nothing for Mac users? Sniff...

mrspilkington said...

what a fantastic program! i hope us mac users can get in on the action soon. :)

lukemelia said...

@elleryolivia and @mrspilkington: As a Mac user myself, I would love to build a Mac version of Ript one day. If Ript is as successful as I hope it will be, I'll try to make it happen! -Luke (Meg's Cousin and part of the team that made Ript)

Bethany Hissong said...

I tried it and I'm hooked!!! Thanks so much for the notice! I added you to my "inspiring links" list and people have commented how much they like your blog!

jbs said...

Just found your blog this past week, this is great! I have linked you to my blog. Thank you for sharing! Love it.

mrspilkington said...

lukemelia, I was hoping you'd say something like that! :) Thank you. IT looks like a wonderful program, I'm sure you'll have success with it.

J. said...

Thank you for posting this! I've just been using it and having so much is extremely easy to use, which makes it even more fun :o)

Your photos from Mexico are truly inspiring.


J. said...

Luke, I'm a Mac user, but also use my son's PC. I've been finding your program to be as intuitive as a Mac program -- my highest compliments!!! Thank you so much!

I really do hope that you make a version for my Mac, too.

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