Mar 3, 2008

never in a million years part two. the cat speaks.

amelie on the new lens

Dearest Very Large Animals Who Have Warm Laps,

Amelie here. I thought I'd bring you up to date on the latest news from the Amelie-Timoun Kingdom, since Meg seems to be a bit preoccupied with all of the new things that Patrick brought back from his trip to the U.S. in Timoun's traveling bed (I think they call it a suitcase.) There's this new thing that she's been sticking in my face - she said something about a camera lens. She's been babbling on in that odd language of yours about the magnificence of the low aperture number that allows her to take photos with an awesome depth-of-field in low-light conditions. Yawn. It's time for me to take a little nap. Here are a few more pictures to keep you occupied while I doze.

vintage apron find

bag of goodies from the other side!

Okay, that was a nice nap. Thanks for your patience. I know you humans like to be doing things all the time and neglect your hourly naps. Personally, I don't understand how you get through a 24 hour day without sleeping for 16 hours of it. You should try out my circadian rhythm. I think you'll like it.

Well, I really should get to the point because before you know it, siesta time will once again be upon us. Meg wanted me to tell you that she had a lovely time reading through all 347 comments with your name suggestions for the new apron, and that she has finally settled on a name! While my own vote was clearly for Amelie, she ended up picking Elsie Mae.

A big congratulations to Melody, who suggested the name Elsie in honor of her own great-grandmother. Meg went ahead and slapped Mae onto one end because she "just couldn't resist!" Humans. You all are so funny about your naming obsession.

Goodness me! It's nap time again. I must curl up immediately into a ball. Wishing you all a purrfect evening!

Paw print,


JustJess said...

Elsie-Mae is lovely! Great post Amelie!

Annie10 said...

Hi - I'm glad you threw on the Mae at the end - I suggested it after my great aunt who was truly wonderful and lived nearly to 100! Thanks!

asnipofgoodness said...

love the name,
love the apron,
love the photos!

SpiderWomanKnits said...

Great Choice! Can't wait for the pattern :-)

village mama said...

Nice to meet you Amelie. Love your blog-ese fluency!!

Elsie Mae is lovely!!

Lasso the Moon said...

Love it. Great choice.

Melody said...

Whoo Hoo! My Mamo (Elsie) would be honored, I'm sure - As am I!

YAY! Obviously, I LOVE the name of your new apron!

Julie said...

Love the post from the kitty!! I have blogged some ABOUT my kitten since I got her...but a blog FROM a kitten would be too cute!!

Dee Light said...

what a fun name for the apron

Lisa said...

Can't wait for the Elsie Mae pattern! Looks to be just as much fun as Emmeline! Now, I'm off to take my hourly nap!

Lisa said...

Lovely name - love your apron patterns!

Amelie, you're quite the blogger and cute, too :)

Jenaveve said...

Amelie, I wonder if you could ask Meg about the lovely fabric in the second image, specifically the one with beautiful orange writing on it? I am looking for some 'text' inspired fabrics and really don't know where to start.

I think Elsie Mae is very appropriate for the gorgeous apron!

Flassie's Fil'a said...

What a cute name for the apron!
Congratulation's Melody!!!

Amelie your so cute and funny!

God Bless!!!


I'm with you, Amelie, hourly naps are a goal to pursue!

aniexma said...

You're very photogenic Amelie, and astoundingly articulate!

Beth said...

Elsie Mae is a great name!

I received my Emmeline pattern this week and plan to start sewing today. I'm really looking forward to wearing this cute, cute apron!

jojoebi said...

Hi Meg,
I can't believe you haven't already been nominated for this but I nominated you for the blogging with a purpose award, rules are over at my place...

Lovely new photos too :o)

Bethany Hissong said...

I am jealous of your new lens!!! And I am beginning to think I have the circadian rhythm of a cat too. We need spring up here!!! You are going to take such great photos now!!! Can't wait to see!

Kennedy & Friends Co. said...

i think it is a great name for the apron! wow are so lucky....even your cat talks....and types. what else can she do? if she can babysit i want her for me. i love the photos!

val said...

what a great we wait for the pattern!

Meg McElwee said...


The fabric with writing on it is a Japanese import (Trefle) that I found at

Amelie says thanks for all of the sweet compliments! :)

Kristin Nicholas said...

Your cat photo is stunning - I've got a kitty named Charlie who looks quite a bit like yours. How exciting you are moving back to the States soon - but your experience in Mexico will be priceless for the rest of your life. Love the new patterns too - I haven't visited in a while. Boy, what I'm missing.

Anonymous said...

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