Feb 20, 2008

my february ten

pink food

I've decided to follow in the footsteps of dear Amanda and squeeze out some of the sweet juice that February has offered thus far. It would be so easy to take my bow and head off right stage instead of facing the rest of formidable, frigid, ever-funky February, but I think it would be more effective simply to kill this month with compliments and kindness. February, you weasel of a month - you are no longer my foe!

1. Let's begin with another tribute to naturally pink food. This beet, apple, pineapple and walnut salad is the perfect marriage of root and fruit. Adding fresh cream makes it a thing from the fluffy clouds above. The children, who were drawn in by its deceptively unnatural bright color, dubbed it "delicious" and served themselves second helpings. Plus, to prolong the color appreciation, the beets give you pink pee. And there is, quite possibly, nothing cooler than pink pee when you are four years old.

2. The ray of morning sunshine that graced my kitchen windowsill with it's camera-loving warmth. Now I know that if I want to photograph anything inside my house in natural light, I have to take advantage of this fleeting moment between 8:30 and 9:00 a.m. (Precisely when I'm not in the house, but rather at school. Why was I not in school this morning? That's a long story involving a sick cat and the busting of a window when someone broke into the house. But, eh ... let's stick to the good parts of February, shall we?)


3. The incredible reception of the new patterns. Wow. I most certainly was not expecting this! After two weeks, the aprons are already into their second printing! Emmeline Aprons and Mischievous Gnome Messenger Bags are popping up all over the planet, like the one above, photo courtesy of Monokultur in Austria. And you love them! I'm couldn't be happier, and I certainly hope that you will start sharing your creations over at the flickr group.

4. These guitar lessons, found through the inspirational parenting blog, Blue Yonder. For years (we're talking since college) I've been wanting to refine my guitar skills beyond the standard chord realm. Perhaps this will be the push that gets me a finger-pickin'! Patrick's been working on his jazz improv on the piano, and with a few minutes of technical practice every day, we might just be able to start that band. (To my future children - I'm so sorry that your parents are the Duke and Duchess of Dorkdom. Perhaps you should consider picking up the banjo, harmonica and fiddle so that we can be the nouveau generation of the Trapp Family singers?)

5. The glad tidings in the mail, from the incredibly sweet and thoughtful Dee, who sent me the most scrumptious package full of chocolate! I would have taken a photo, Dee, but the a chocoholic got to it before I had a chance to recharge the camera battery. Ahem. Dee also included some lovely vintage trims and incredible cuts of fabric. Thank you so much!

6. Five months and counting until we're back state-side. Five months until we're much closer to family ... five months until I can buy all the spices that my little heart desires ... five months until my windows are properly sealed and my roof is properly insulated ... five months until we can go out to eat at an Italian/Chinese/Thai/Indian restaurant ... etc. I think I need to commit to chanting the "enjoy the present moment mantra" with more frequency.

7. Discovering this site for affordable, quality linen. I could never stomach buying linen before, but you can't turn your back on their prices. Thanks to Amber for passing on the info! (And if you haven't yet, check out the lovely linen items in Amber's Etsy shop.)

February shadow

8. The lanky shadow produced by the low-angled February sun.

stubby bather

9. The comic "stubby bather" effect in the warm waters of the hot springs.

dia de campo 12-07

10. The joy with which children embrace the outdoors, no matter the season, no matter the month.


Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

I just wanted to let you know i received my emmeline pattern a few days ago. I'm still waiting for the fabric I ordered to use with it. Once I make the apron (for tie one on's havana nights theme) I'll send you a pic. I'm sure everyone will be sending you apron pics!

Amelia said...

I found this guide for folk guitar via Boing Boing. You many find it helpful. I have yet to really tackle it (and my new guitar) but I really enjoyed Patrick Costello's introduction. It's all about picking on the porch and enjoying making music. He has a guide for banjo that it pretty tempting as well!


Wendy said...

Great post! Thanks so much for the links.

I've been meaning to make some linen curtains for our living room and my daughter could always use free guitar lessons.

Kennedy & Friends Co. said...

keep on the february is a good month mantra!!! sorry to hear about the break in :(. but the pink food looks great. when i was in brazil i used to eat beats all the time. it was my favorite with salads. i know i know...you will get tired of hear me saying things about brazil. ok i will stop!!! congrats on the huge pattern sales. they are truly amazing!

Bethany Hissong said...

I will have to try your beet salad (even so my husband will eat it!!)... and I got my patterns a few days ago and can't wait to not be sick and think about sewing! Thanks!!!

patti said...

meg you are so adorable. I am so glad your patterns are in the second printing! So glad to get my emmeline pattern the other day- I hope I can squeeze in making an apron or two or four today!

Natalie said...

Nice 10.

Jennifer said...

I love this idea of the February 10!
And I'm one more voice to add to the chants of "Wow! I love it!" to the Emmeline Apron... I have just the hand sewing left on two, and I can't wait to post a picture. I'm not a sewer by nature, but this project went right as rain - and they are beautiful. Thanks for sharing them with us!

Lisa said...

Love the photo of you in the water! Makes me wish for summer already.

I have made your Emmeline apron twice now ( pictures on the Flickr group,) and am only having one problem, Whenever I put on my new Emmeline, my husband won't quit chasing me around the house! I can't get any work done in my Emmeline!

Any suggestions??

Marcia said...

I just ordered your beautiful apron pattern this a.m. My daughter is a stylist. She wants one in black to wear when doing hair. I always think of aprons as just in the kitchen...

Berlinswhimsy said...

Oh good, I'm glad you found the site and you're happy with it! I love the linen I've bought there.

That last photo of the kids is so precious. I agree with you: kids love the outdoors. I remember the preschoolers still wanting to go outside even when it was pouring down rain on the coast...

Hang in there thru Feb!

MishaLee said...

Meg you rock! I am so happy that your wonderful patterns are selling so well.

HomeGrown Life said...

Loving your "ten" and all of your beautiful photos.

Kristin said...

SO sweet - i love your february list. I think I will have to borrow that idea for my blog as well :)

Also - thank you for passing on the link to the linen - I have really been looking for some affordable sources for it! Thank you again!


Lynne said...

Love the aprons and the posts. I have been away from blog land for a few days and have come back to many lovely posts. Love the fabrics as well.

Anonymous said...