Jan 7, 2008

the thirteenth day

On the thirteenth day of Christmas, you all get to see some of the handmade lovelies that appeared under the palm tree on the 25th of December in Honduras.

wool scarf by kwoozy

wool scarf by kwoozy 2

This scrumptiously soft wool and fleece scarf traveled all the way from Pei in Australia. What isn't there to love? The tiny details, the colors, the coziness - ever since we returned to below freezing temps here in the mountains, this scarf has been my constant companion.

Then, of course, there were the oh-so-stupendously-amazing dresses by Jenny. What can I say? Jenny is a such a superstar. And thank you, Patrick, for taking my hints so seriously! ;)

ellybeth dress

tova dress

Side note: I'm having such a difficult time taking pictures nowadays. We live at high elevation so the sun's glare, at all hours, is intense. What's more, EVERYTHING is brown and gray. My house is surrounded by granite rocks and leafless trees. The house itself has tiny windows and little light and is painted yellow, purple and orange on the inside. Plus it's just generally ugly and certainly not photogenic. So even though I got one of these from my uber-thoughtful parents, I can't bounce the flash off of a white wall or ceiling because we don't have any. (Did I mention that most of my ceiling is particle board? It's bee-u-tee-ous.) Any suggestions? I'm feeling frustrated. Check out Jenny's photos of my Ellybeth dress in better light.

Ahem. My apologies - long side note.

So anyway - back to the uplifting content. The handmade holidays went well for our family members, too. Here's a little peek at what loved ones received from us:

For Mom and Dad - a cutting board
For my sister-in-law - cotton market tote
For my niece - velvet elephant
For my brother-in-law, an actor - moustache and beard
For the grandparents - felt soap

There's more, but I'm being coerced into an evening yoga session. Perhaps this post will come in two parts!



Sarita said...

Too much sun?! I'm having trouble taking pictures these days because it is too gray and there is NOT enough sun! I think your dresses are so adorable - I'm totally impressed with your husband for those gifts!

DeerDominique said...

OOOooo. Luck you, not 1 but 2 Wiksten-Made dresses! They look great on you to boot. Oh yeah... I have boot jealousy.

Amber said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful holiday! I love those dresses, whether you think the photos are adequate or not... Lovely.

Julia said...

so beautiful- they fit you wonderfully!

Bethany Hissong said...

Your dress is perfect! And I am totally amused by that moustache and beard disguise!!! The soap and the elephant are wonderful too...well, gosh, everything you found is wonderful. What a great Christmas!

lindsey cheney said...

ok, i'm sorry to not comment on anything but those boots! where did you get them from? i've been on a search for so long for boots just like yours.