Nov 26, 2007

the secret joy of giving

christmas tree patchwork
sneak peek of a wonderful someone's gift

'Tis the season of occult crafting. Little snippets of WIPs are shown, but not the project in its full glory, out of fear that the recipient might be lurking around blog land - eager to shake the virtual gift box and discover what might be waiting underneath the tree. ;)

I am a box shaker. Are you? Thus, being naturally on guard against other box shakers, I have several wonderful handmade gifts in the works that I'll be keeping under wraps for the time being.

Meanwhile, I'm busy gathering goodies for the Holiday Traditions Exchange and sewing up little ice skates for the ornament exchange.

And, like many of you, I have pledged to buy handmade this holiday season. This has translated into an inordinate amount of time spent wandering around Etsy. I leave you with some of my favorites:

JCasa's baby quilt

The Wreath Lady
Marmee Craft's Wee Felted Snowmen
Matryoshka wrapping paper
Bombo by littlellama
The Black Apple
Coyote Craft's embroidered cupcake ornaments
Treehouse 28


Katie said...

love that tree! can't wait to see more!

peaknits said...

Thank you for all of the delightful links! I am also trying to do more handmade items this year - I am sad I missed your swap, but will enjoy seeing it all unfold!

patti said...

The tree is beautiful. You are so creative! I am still working on getting out of the box.
I always try to give mostly handmade gifts, but they are always handmade by me. I am making the reading pillow for my mother in law because she loves to read, and I think it will be perfect for her!!

Melissa said...

Ooh, such great stuff!

Natalie said...

Sweet... thank you for doing the work... I just ordered some Christmas gifts! Someone is lucky. The sneak peek of that tree is very intriguing... it's so beautiful.

Stacey said...

Great tree. I don't shake the boxes... I'm worse I try to see a corner of the box, pulling the wrapping paper a bit in an out of sight corner. Never does any good.

Amber said...

I think I'd be lurking around if I might be the lucky recipient of one of your handmades! And yes, I'm a package shaker!

Bean said...

thanks for the link, you're too sweet!! :D

Lynne said...

That gift looks lovely!

I like to make stuff! said...

OOOOO Meg, that looks gorgeous and scrummy, whatever it is. Lucky person.
Do you mind being tagged?

Helga said...

I have been looking for a pattern to make a felt nativity with magnets on the back. I saw one set one year and I have been looking since. Does anybody have any ideas where I can find patterns?

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

iOh, can't wait to check out the Etsy stores you listed, thanks so much!!

Steph said...

I'm definitely a box shaker. Unless it's marked fragile-it will be shaked!
I haven't made the pledge, but I hope to find some great gifts on Etsy too; thanks for the recommendations. :)

jenny said...

of course i am a box shaker too. sometime i should tell you about the time joe went out of town, and in a fit of insanity i ransacked the apartment, searching for an engagement ring of some sort. haha! : ) that was hilarious. i found the ring and wore it around all weekend (did he really think the sock drawer would be a good hiding spot?), and then i had to act surprised when he proposed!

anyways, gorgeous tree!

Chara Michele said...

Oh some very lovely links! I am totally a surprise spoiler... I always ask others what I am getting for Christmas & am eager to tell them what they are getting:) It drives my hubby/family crazy! :)