Nov 16, 2007

i've embroidered something you might like ...


35% off over at my etsy store until Monday, November 19th!

My lovely parents (who are in charge of packaging and sending out my patterns) are going on vacation, and won't be back until the second week of December. This means that if you are considering making reading pillows or baby carriers for holiday gifts you should order now so that the patterns arrive with enough sewing-time to spare! I have listed 40 of each pattern at 35 percent off - first come, first serve. My parents will ship your pattern(s) by Tuesday or Wednesday of Thanksgiving week. Then they will go lounge about with nothing to do on a beautiful beach in Hawaii. Poor parents. Let's inundate them with pattern packaging before they leave! ;)

Patrick and I will also be guilty of a totally indulgent, relaxing mini-holiday this weekend. We are headed off to Urique, a tiny town at the bottom of the Copper Canyon. While we live in an alpine climate up here in Creel, Urique is tropical. That means mangoes, cherries, and avocados dripping off the trees. That means shorts. That means ice cream cones, old men playing cards on their front stoops, women fanning themselves as they watch their children play ball in the street. Yes. We'll be back Monday night, completely refreshed. Oh. And ready to prepare shipping labels for 80 patterns!

Thanks for all your support - every pattern purchase is so appreciated, and it brings us one step closer to our goal of being able to have me stay home with our (future) children when they are young. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!



mountain-quiltist said...

Hi Meg, have a great time and come back ready for the coolness of your home!

Libby said...

Nothin' better than buying a super cute pattern to make a super cute gift...all the while supporting a great cause!!! Thanks for the discounted price!

Bethany Hissong said...

Please take me with you!! It is so cold here!
Good luck on your sale!!! Don't worry about staying home too... somehow it always works out! I've seen it with every one of my friends. The sacrifices made for our families are always worth it!

Tiffany said...

i think it is so amazing that you are already planning ways of affording your future stay-at-home life. so, so smart. if you are already this organized and focused, you'll have no problem achieving your dream. hope your mini-vacation was wonderful. take care.