Nov 5, 2007

i'm swa(m)ped!


Such good news - I have over 120 wonderful people signed up for the Holiday Traditions Exchange! Keep those sign-ups comin'. This is going to be so much fun! Just a few remarks - if you simply left a comment on the post but didn't email me directly, please go ahead and send me an email. Remember that Blogger doesn't provide me with your email addresses. Also, if you sent me an email to sign up and didn't receive a direct response, know that I received it and you are good to go. The beginning of last week was a bit crazy, so my apologies for not being able to confirm with everyone.


Keeping in the spirit of the season, I wanted to be sure to give you a heads up on this swap, in case you are feeling super festive. Be sure to make your decision soon - sign ups end on Friday, November 9th. I found out about the swap last year while milling about on Flickr, searching for holiday decorating ideas. I was a few weeks too late - and I made a mental note to be on the lookout for it this year. Make 8-10 ornaments, receive 8-10? Sounds like my kind of thing. I would love to (eventually) be able to decorate my tree exclusively with unique, handmade ornaments. White lights (do those eco-friendly LED lights come in white?) and lots of red, green, and aqua.

Yes, I do have a comically full plate - but truth be told, I wouldn't be able to put aside such great swapping opportunities simply in order to hold onto my sanity. Sanity is so overrated. Plus, the act of creating is quite relaxing - unless you are writing a pattern, that is! ;)

In my moments of sheer self-indulgence and utter procrastination, I've been ogling the the following handmade goodies: these aprons by Handmade Hostess; this print by Jen; and these adorable ornaments by Lauren Alane. Perhaps if I lost some more of that wretched sanity, all of these things would be mine. Humph. Like I said, sanity isn't always all it's cracked up to be!

The yo-yo's are calling (the fabric kind, sillies ... )



Natalie said...

Your yo-yo's are calling me too! They look festive, and I love how Christmas colors are starting to wriggle their way in to my heart again. I mentioned you in a recent post and I have a link to a video about creativity. You must see this video... trust me, for your sanity's sake! I am off to peek at the handmade goodies you are ogling... thank you for sharing.

susanne said...

This comment doesn't really have to do with the specific post... I couldn't find a general comments place. So I'll plant my comment here. I just came upon your blog about an hour ago and I am so inspired and excited about all this cool information and projects you have posted. Your pictures of the children you work with are gorgeous and I can tell by the photos how much you appreciate them. I am so happy to have found this blog, it has just made my day. Thank you thank you for sharing so much of your work in such a trusting and generous manner.

Very Sincerely,

the CostaRican-Aruban

Amber said...

Hi--I just signed up for the holiday swap and I'm so pleased you're doing this----what a great idea... Let me know if you need any help---I'm always willing...

Katie said...

i just looked at those sweet birds, and they are so darn cute they made me laugh out loud! thanks for sharing!

Sue said...

I'm really excited about this holiday traditon exchange and thank you so much for adding me! Love the yoyo's too!

monART said...

Hello other group 11 swap partner ;-)
Have a creative day!