Nov 12, 2007

holiday traditions exchange is officially closed!

***Update: All of the swap partner emails have been sent out (whew!) If you haven't heard from me, send an email to montessorirevolution(at)***

I will begin sending out swap partner emails tonight, but might not get through the whole list of participants until Wednesday - there are 210 of you, after all!

I must admit - it feels quite odd publishing a post without a picture. This is a self-conscious, naked little post, running hither and thither looking for some pretty photographic foliage with which to cover up. ;)

Have a happy Monday,


jojoebi said...

can't wait, already half made my goodies.
BTW there is a little bit of something for you over on my blog - sorry, not chocolate :o)

Kayte said...

Thanks for all the work organizing the exchange. I am very excited!

Lesley said...

Its okay to have a post here and there without pictures, though I must admit, your blog is usually like eye-candy for me! I'm looking forward to seeing some Christmas crafting cuteness soon!

Joyful Abode said...

Wow 210 of us? That's fantastic!

I can't wait to get started. :) Are you pairing people up randomly or based on answers to some of the questions?

jesse said...

thanks for organizing!

Cindy said...

Hi Meg,
Well its Wednesday morning and I don't have my partner yet. I'm scared you don't have me down! I know that I am just getting anxious but this is my first swap:)
So, at the risk of being annoying here is my email just in case:)

Amber said...

Meg--I haven't received my partner yet but if you're still buried, no worries. However, if you sent it to me, please let me know as sometimes my emails get buried in my bulk email folder.

Also, I am completely serious about that apron pattern! If you draft one, I want to buy it!

Thanks! -Amber

My email:

Katie said...

i just had to say thank you so much for doing this. you are a busy woman, with a lot on her plate. it is so nice that tyou took the time to do this!

amermaidmmv said...

Thanks again for doing arranging this exchange and I"m thrilled to have you in our group. :)

Heather said...

Meg, Thank you for sorting through all the emails and hooking us all up with partners! Your fabu!

Sinead Hill is ... said...

Have all the partners been posted yet? It's hard to keep track of where on the dateline you all fall so not sure if I'm jumping the gun - I'm in NZ so it's already late Thursday morning here (and no partner to call my own :( ).

If you're still in the process of organising, that's cool bananas too! I will sit on my hands like the impatient child I am!

picperfic said...

I only just got my partner....can't wait to put the package together! Thanks Meg, you're a star!

Sue said...

Wow Meg, you must be proud, that's a whole lot of swapping going on! I'm honored to be apart of it, thanks so much for organizing this, it will prove to be a very special swap! I can't wait!!

sara said...

thanks Meg! for organizing this. You even hooked me up with another home school family which I had requested, but after 210 responses was not expecting! I am not sure if it was intentional or by grace, but we are thrilled! This is going to be fun. Thanks for putting together the joy!

Anonymous said...

This message is to whoever my swap partner is: I haven't received my info for you yet! Are the guidelines and deadlines listed somewhere on this blog because I can't remember what all we're suppose to do.

So, if you're my partner, please let me know!

Leslie Kane :)