Oct 11, 2007

simple jumper

gray jumper front

After discovering wiksten, I was immediately inspired. After a few hours, this is what popped out of my sewing machine.

gray jumper back

Woot! My very own stylin' gray jumper! I especially love the back, with its adjustable pleat and bows. I know my mom's generation thinks these little jumpers look like maternity wear, but hey ... I suppose they could be. So why not make them adjustable, just in case your bust measurement increased, for some reason. (No mom, I'm not pregnant yet ... just thinking ahead, as always!)

Amelie the fabric fiend

And in case there was any doubt as to which girl in my house loves fabric more, here's proof.



Bethany Hissong said...

Perfect...as usual Meg! And just a few hours??? I love that you're always planning ahead too...it just makes me excited for the day you get to post that news (but I'll be quiet about it now!). This dress is a favorite!

Jada2929 said...

Love it. Your boots look freaking awesome with it as well.

Nicki said...

I'd love to have the skills to whip up something like that in a few hours! I LOVE it!

patti said...

Oh gosh that jumper is ADORABLE!!!! I want one!! And I agree the boots are awesome with it!

Kathryn said...

sweet jumper. and the boots, yes so lovely. i think it looks really great.

elleryolivia said...

Hmmm....one more pattern to add to your line? Please? Some of us are hopeless at designing our own stuff and have to rely on freakishly talented people like you or Jenny to do it for us!

Knit,Sew,Craft,repeat said...

It's a beautiful dress! I can't believe it popped out in just a few hours. That's amazing! Do you mind if I also ask about the boots? I'd love to know who makes them. They are fabulous (and I'm on a mad boot hunt right now).

Mary Beth said...

That jumper is fabulous. Inspiring!

Meg McElwee said...

Boot enthusiasts - they are Campers, and oh so comfy! I found them at www.zappos.com last year. I wear them almost every day in cool weather. They're very comfortable under jeans and, of course, they look great with skirts. They also come in a light brown suede version, which I am wishing I had (hint hint, Mom ... Christmas is only two months away!)

Kimberly said...

Wow, what a jumper! I wish I had one!

I just found your blog and I am absolutely in love with it. I am a fellow vegetarian and early childhood educator (though I work with children who have autism in an early intervention program.)

Anyway, I love your blog... I can't wait to read more!

Janice said...

You seriously need to make that in a child size and add that pattern to your store. Simple clothes like that are so hard to find for kids.

Gift of Green said...

I love the jumper look. Pair with some opaque black tights and cute kitten heel for winter...mwwwwaaa!

linda p said...

that jumper is too cute! what kind of fabric did you use? i'm at a loss for fabric names sometimes, when it comes to suiting and wearables.

Chara Michele said...

I just discovered your blog after seeing this jumper on flickr. This looks so lovely!

tiffany... said...

it's so so so very cute and lovely!

Our Prim Nest said...

Wow I wish that would pop out of my sewing machine. How did you learn to sew like that. Beautiful...

emily said...

that is just lovely!! i would love a pattern for myself and a pattern for my 3 little girls as well!!!

just came across your blog . . . and look forward to reading more!!!

Melissa said...

okay, I really love this jumper...the fabric choice is delicious as well!

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