Aug 26, 2007

a sunday of sewing

owl zip pouch, iron-on vinyl lining

An owl toiletry bag with iron-on vinyl lining, from Bend-the-Rules Sewing.

gift - mei tai baby carrier

A mei tai baby carrier made with fabric from the West Hill collection by Heather Ross. (A gift for this little cutie, who helped me out in the photo shoot for my pattern website.


jojoebi said...

ohh iron on vinyl, what is that then? I have never heard of it, doesn't it melt?

Beth H said...

Yes, please more on the iron on vinyl. I asked about it at JoAnn's once and was given a blank stare.

I love the little bag. The fabric is so cute and the ribbon is a sweet touch.

normanack said...

That owl fabric is so cute it should be illegal.

Laura said...

VERY cute toiletry bag. I definitely have the Bend the Rules book on my wish list. In fact, I may just order it from Amazon as soon as I post this. Where did you get the adorable owl fabric?

Meg McElwee said...

Jo and Beth - The iron-on vinyl has been fun to work with. I purchased mine at, but it looks like it is out of stock. The product is called Therm-o-web Iron-on Vinyl. It works great for toiletry bags and making wipe-off placemats and such.

Laura - the fabric is from Robert Kaufman's Hot Couturier collection. I found mine a while back at

:) Meg

Amber said...

Hello---I just found you via a link on Soulemama's site. What a wonderful blog you have! Your patterns look so enticing...too bad my children are past that age!

Your toiletry bag is so cute. I have been eyeing that bag in Bend-the-Rules and now I'm putting it on my must-sew list!

wayfarer said...

loving the owl fabric on the bag!