Jun 24, 2007

Chocolate Lollipop

I'm sure I'll dream in color tonight - Chocolate Lollipop hues to be exact. I spent a blissful weekend creating with Anna Maria Horner's new fabric line! I needed a dress to wear for a friend's wedding we will be attending when we travel to the U.S., and who doesn't need a little tote to go with it? Here's what I came up with - I did my best without a pattern, my first try at designing something more than Montessori materials and skirts. You can wear it with or without the sash - the sash dresses it up a bit. I've also found that the sash will double as a very useful scarf come fall.

For the tote, I used a great (and super easy ) tutorial from Belle Epoque.
Another shoulder bag with fabric from my stash. I found the tutorial here. This bag is a perfect size, and has a nice little pocket on the inside.


Sandi Henderson said...

I love it! Double, no-triple cute.


Susan said...

Wow! I NEED this dress! Can you publish a tutorial? Pleasepleaseplease! I have half a dozen events to go to this summer and your dress is perfect!

The Wooden Spool said...

Look at you! SOOO ADORABLE!!!!! Cuteness all the way around, Meg!

kneek said...

Me too! Me too! I love it. I have a wedding on July 14th! So, so sweet.

Susanne said...

After seeing the pictures of the bags at the u-handbag flickr-pool I had to come over.

I totally agree with the triple cute.

Bellydancingknitter said...

Love it!
The fabric is beautiful. Mexican in origin?

M said...

I love that top....but I would have to have a pattern...a tutorial would be fantastic. You are very talented.