May 13, 2007

Mexico City Snapshots

Snapshots of Mexico City and its surroundings

Wood stove at our friend's ranch in Hidalgo
Anyone know the name of this flower/vine?
The Sun Pyramid - Teotihuacan. Bet you didn't know that I'm taller than it! :)
The lowering of the flag - Zocalo (Mexico City's main plaza)
Aztec dancers in the Zocalo
One of many markets
The murals of Diego Rivera at el Palacio


kittee said...

i believe that flower is a morning glory.


Patrick said...


That makes sense, since the flower bloomed in the morning and closed in the afternoon.

leslie said...

morning glory for sure, they grow like weeds and the white version is moon flower i think.

Anonymous said...

The flower is a morning glory.