May 3, 2007

A Little Bit of Everything

Lots of ideas swirling around in my head. House guests. Parent-teacher conferences. Another head cold. So here's a post that reflects my current mental state - lots of ideas and hardly any organization!

View Master "Around the World" slides and view finder found on Ebay = Geography folders extension. Search for these old slides on Ebay and organize them by continent, much in the same way as the continent folders. But these are in 3-D! In my house, we are all quite twitter pated (reference Bambi if your eyebrow just went up) with these slides and my antique View Finder. I can only imagine what it will be like once I put it in the classroom! Just have to make little folders for the slides and increase my slide collection. Just. Maybe after P-T conferences!

Recently, Montessori By Hand was included in a helpful list posted by Lori of Montessori for Everyone at her blog. Called Montessori Basics 3: Ultimate Guide to Online Resources, it features links to all kinds of Montessori and educational websites organized by category. Check it out!

Tie One On's new apron gallery is up! My little "Watering Plants" apron is featured. Make sure to send in photos of aprons you've made to Tie On On - and post them on our very own Handmade Montessori Materials Flickr group. Let the apron inspiration roll!

Are you familiar with Kids Craft Weekly? If not, familiarize yourself! This is a great, bi-monthly newsletter put out by a mom of young children. She has some really great ideas - a great way to keep your art shelf fresh and interesting. One caveat - be sure the craft is doable without adult help. Some of her ideas are heavy on adult guidance, and not what we really want in a Montessori environment. Think "help me do it by myself," a favorite quote from our favorite lady.

And a purely crafty announcement, Anna Maria Horner's new line of fabric, Chocolate Lollipop, is now available. I'm drooling. And yes, I already ordered some. Must ... have ... fabric. Are there any support groups for this kind of addiction?

Back to the crazy life.

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