Apr 5, 2007

Instrument Families Definition Stages

For your downloading enjoyment, I present:

Definition Stages material for the instrument families. The Word file is available to members of the Yahoo group, and the photos (also in Word format) can be downloaded at the "View My Files" button under "Definition States photos." Please ignore the extra photo-montage of the special instruments. Just leave them out. It makes more sense with just the four main categories.

Check out Karla's awesome tutorial to make the definition stages pouch. I lined mine with black silk dupion. The orchestra fabric (rad!) I found a while back at Craft Connection. My cards are still waiting to be laminated, and the pouch is patiently waiting for my husband to return from the US with my new button stash.
Here's how my 3-part card modified duvet turned out for the instruments.

Also, make sure to check out the 3-part cards for the BEACH! that Debi downloaded for the Yahoo group. Thanks for contributing! Anyone else? :)

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