Mar 21, 2007

Tie One On

We Montessorians are big on aprons. Tired of wearing (or seeing the children wear) the same old apron day after day in your environment? I've found some inspiration at Tie One On - About all things Aprony. The site hosts apron themes, and anyone who is interested can post photos of their homemade apron to the flickr photo gallery.
These photos come from the "mini-me" theme. Other great themes from the past include the pinafore and the smock.
Next month's theme is "rick-rack." I'll be trying to come up with a design over my Easter break. When I went to San Francisco for the Centenary Celebration, I also visited my parents. My mom and I went through her old sewing supplies, and she shooed me away with more rick-rack than any sensible person would ever desire! (Thanks, Mom!) This project will allow me put some of it to use!

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