Feb 8, 2007

Stock Photo website

I've been looking to round out my mammal card set for a while. While in training, I purchased 2 of the Audubon Society's pocket field guides to North American (wild) mammals. This is a great resource, but if we are starting with the general and moving on to the specific, shouldn't a mammal set include elephants, domestic cats, cows, monkeys, and, most importantly, humans? Here's a little sample of the free stock photos I downloaded at www.sxc.hu
with this project in mind:

This is a great stock photo site that allows you to search their database by keyword. The photos are free to download. I simply click on the photo to enlarge it, right click to "save as," and choose it's destination on my computer. From here, I can burn a disk or put the photos on my memory stick to print them out at any digital printing station. I print out 2 of each for reading classification cards. They can also be used for matching cards for very young children ... I plan on making sets that are matching by skin/animal, nose and mouth/animal, appendage/animal, mother/baby, etc. And some of the examples:

There are certain card sets that I haven't been able to compile through this site due to lack of photos - musical instruments being one of them. If anyone knows of some other free stock photo sites that might be useful, let me know!


Marcy said...

Great photos! I'll have to look through this site

middledavis said...

I realize this post is a couple of years old, but just in case you're interested in another website with some great free Montessori downloads, try www.montessoriforeveryone.com and click on their "free downloads" link. There are some high quality photos there. Good luck!

Adi said...

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