Jan 18, 2007

Story Problems and Pouch

Submitted by Karla Norgaard
email: knorgy*at*earthlink*dot*net

Felt piece 10.5" x 11" (green)
Felt piece 10.5" x 2.75" (blue)
Small piece of sew-on velcro
Embroidery thread

1. Embroider letters onto small piece of felt. Hint: start with a piece of felt larger than 10.5" and cut to size after embroidery is finished. Then you can center the words.
2. Fold up one edge of the large piece of felt 3.75" to make a pocket. Pin in place.
3. Pin the smaller piece of felt to the top flap of the larger piece. Cut both layers to make rounded corners.
4. Blanket stitch around the whole pouch.
5. Blanket stitch the top edge of small felt piece.
6. Sew velcro in place.

For a Word file of Story Problems, sign up for the Montessori by Hand Yahoo group by clicking on the purple box in the sidebar. Over 40 word problems await you!


Montessori House said...

These are beautiful!

May I use the photo in my newsletter, Montessori House, with credit to both of you? We always discuss boxes or envelopes for material, but this is the best solution yet.

Meg McElwee said...

Certainly! It would be great to link to the blog's url, www.montessoribyhand.com as well. I'm glad you like the idea!

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