Jan 14, 2007

Creating a creative community

I have always been fascinated with making materials for my classroom. I have an on-going love affair with beautiful fabrics and nature photos. The sewing machine and I enjoy a symbiotic relationship. At night, visions of felted, child-size meditation mats and handmade books dance in my head. Am I alone in such a glorious obsession?

My guess is no. In fact, after many a conversation with my colleagues, I realize that crafty Montessorians are numerous; we just lack a creative community - a place to share ideas, resources, and methods. And now, with the accessibility of the Internet and blog sites, the door of opportunity swings wide open before us! My intention with Montessori by Hand is to provide the cyberspace for us to bounce ideas off one another and support each other in our work as Montessori guides. How helpful would it be to have at our fingertips a large database of picture tutorials on how to make certain materials? What about eventual material swaps, where participants would make a classroom material and send it to a partner, and their partners would send them something original in return? The possibilities are numerous.

The hope is that the word will get out about this creative community and that many of you will be motivated to submit photos and instructions for your materials, as well as other ideas and resources. Montessori by Hand won't be limited to aprons and classified cards. Submissions can and should include the following (and more): recipes for practical life, meditation/yoga, gardening, science experiments, art materials, recommendations for good books, sensorial material extensions such as geography and history, art appreciation, etc. The idea is to create abundant resources for A to I, Children's House and Elementary Montessori teachers. Whatever the mind conceives, the eye sees, or the hand makes belongs here on Montessori by Hand!

So get out your cameras and start submitting ideas! All submissions should be sent to montessorirevolution*at*gmail*dot*com.


Mary Jo said...

Well, I am so heartened to see the next generation of Montessorians uisng their creative energy to share. I will not only enjoy using this site, I will submit ideas fo things that have worked for us. Nice going.

Kelly said...

Thank you so much for this!!!! :) Very informative and enjoyable. Well organized. Perfectly Montessori!