Jun 17, 2008

welcome craft sanity visitors; this blog has moved

A big welcome to all of you who followed the link from CraftSanity! This blog moved a couple months ago to its new home at www.sewliberated.typepad.com. You can see all the archives over there.

I also want to remind subscribers to this RSS feed to update your bookmarks to www.sewliberated.typepad.com. There's lots of stuff to read about over there since the blog moved - house floods, our big move back to the States, and lots of pictures of my students (who I am going to miss very much) being their natural, creative and inquisitive selves.

But, perhaps most exciting of all, is that today I am announcing the release of the Lola Apron pattern, which includes a child's size verson! Here is today's post about it. Hope to see you over there!



It’s about time for some big news, isn’t it? As much as I wish that I could be announcing this kind of wonderful news, that will have to wait until the chaos of moving subsides and the stars of serendipity and grad school schedules align. Instead, I have another “baby” that’s ready to make its way out into the world – the Lola Apron pattern!


I’ve already mentioned how smitten I am with this apron. So smitten that I went ahead and made a mini-version, which comes as part of the deal. And a BIG thanks to my wonderful testers, Monique, Lucy, Shawnee, Beth and Melissa - these ladies are extremely talented, and they've made the pattern very user-friendly and typo-free.

Oh – and yes, that’s me, my former student, and, perhaps surprisingly, my Mexican kitchen featured on the pattern front. The dark interior made it a challenge.

But Miss Lola was insistent. She refused to be photographed in front of a run-down fence. She was pure kitcheny kitsch, and her place is the kitchen. How in the world could I possibly have a photo shoot in my rather hobbit-like kitchen? Answer: white bedsheets, this flash, a particularly patient husband, and lots and lots of fun with photoshop. My saving grace? These plates. They make the whole photo, in my opinion.

One more thing, which is a big announcement in of itself – have you listened to the most recent Craftsanity podcast? I haven’t yet, out of fear of hearing my own voice bumbling about and making embarrassing statements. I was so honored to be invited on the show and to spend an hour or so chatting with Jennifer, who is a delightful person and a fellow apron aficionada.

Craft on!